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Gender Equity Committee Members

The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa's Gender Equity Committee formed in 2020. Below are the committee's current members, along with a summary of why they are invested in gender equity in The Salvation Army.

To contact the Gender Equity Committee with questions, comments or recommendations, please email us at

'I believe that The Salvation Army can advance its mission significantly through better development and deployment of women. Our roots were in gender equality, yet our practices have become influenced by cultural bias that sees women undervalued and that presents obstacles to their involvement and leadership.'

Christina Tyson (Major, Corps Officer for Wellington South Corps and Royal Commission Response Officer)

'My experience as a single woman who has held various leadership appointments including my experience working in a number of International scenes among women enables me to bring a particular perspective to the Gender Equity Committee.'

Kathy Crombie (Captain, Senior Tutor for Booth College of Mission and Director of Centre for Leadership Development)

'I burn up with the passion and belief that God wants women and girls in our movement to be fully included, and the mutuality of the Bible (and our Salvationist foundations) fully restored in The Salvation Army. I hope that through the Gender Equity Committee we will hear the experiences, rectify the concerns and incorporate the initiatives of the people of TSA - to engender practical equity measures on our journey of being and becoming the army that brings life.'

Rosy Keane (Mission Leader of Women's Ministries)

'Now as to why I am on the committee: It gives me an opportunity to stand outside of my usual comfortable space and intently consider and contribute towards this very relevant issue of gender equity in our communities today especially bringing to the fore the tension because of a worldview versus a biblical view.'

Saimone Gataurua (Captain, Divisional Secretary for Mission and Retired Officers, Midland Div.)

'As a girl, a young woman, and now a more mature woman, I’ve experienced genuine encouragement, along with opportunities, within The Salvation Army. This motivates me to work toward this being the experience of every woman within our movement.'

Kylie Tong (Captain, Territorial Candidates Secretary)

'I feel privileged to be part of this important committee. At one level it is deeply personal; I have two very capable daughters and I want them to see a Salvation Army that empowers women as well as men to the fullest of their potential and gifts. At another level, l believe a contextual reading of scripture urges us to ensure the same. Finally, gender equity requires this to be a shared pursuit for both women and men, which brings me back to - it’s a privilege to be part of this important committee.'

Bryant Richards (Captain, Assistant Secretary for Personnel and Territorial Privacy Officer)

'I want to learn more about gender equity in New Zealand and see it become a topic regularly discussed in the wider population and for everyone to know about the committee. I’d like to see more women holding portfolios of major projects and services in the Army.'

Atu Kotamo (External Advisor, previous Gender Equity Advisor to Malawi Govt.)

'I am looking forward to learning more about this very important work and being a voice of influence for positive change in The Salvation Army.'

Amber Wood (Territorial Human Resources Advisor)

'God calls all of us as ministers of the gospel. Given that they make up more than half of our workforce and membership, it’s vital for us to prepare, equip and make space for women to step into the ministry God has for them, regardless of what it is. In my position as Chair of the Moral and Social Issues Council, I’m committed to participating in a fully inclusive and genuinely equal Salvation Army – and practices of equity can get us there.'

Ian Gainsford (Major, Divisional Commander Northern Div. and Chairperson for Moral and Social Issues Council) 

‘The Salvation Army has always valued women and I am committed to continuing to make improvements for future generations of women so we will always be a great place to work, worship, serve and belong.’

Julie Campbell (Commissioner, Territorial Leader of New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, Territorial President of Women's Ministries and Chair of Gender Equity Committee)

'I believe the gospel's work of reconciliation has women at its heart. Women are the most oppressed people group in the world. They are disproportionately impacted by injustices such as poverty, climate change, human trafficking and gender violence. My hope is to advocate for a Salvation Army that works to end the oppression of all women. Through the development of policies, and a commitment to equitable practice, we can work to ensure that both internally and externally women not only have rights, but the ability to use those rights to be all God created them to be.'
Missy Ditchburn (Captain, Divisional Children's Secretary and Candidates Secretary, Midland Div.)

'I have a passion to see both men and women valued and empowered in a way which brings glory and honour to God.'

Gavin Rivett (Captain, Corps Officer for Hastings Corps and Director Community Ministries)

‘I am passionate about seeing women reach their potential in Christ. The Salvation Army has such a unique heritage in its empowerment of women – this must not be lost! Times change and culture shifts but women were always created in the image of God and they continue to be loved equally by God. As God calls, God equips. I consider it an absolute privilege to sit on the Gender Equity Committee as I want to see our unique heritage protected as well as embrace the challenge of doing things better for women within The Salvation Army.’
Karen Baker (Captain, Assistant Divisional Secretary, Community Ministries, Central Div.)