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Are the Sallies taking over HNZC?

Posted December 17, 2014

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A think piece on social housing by Major Campbell Roberts, Director of Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit.

Pick up any newspaper or turn on the radio or TV news and you are likely to encounter an item on some aspect of housing. Whether it’s about the cost of land, the Auckland housing bubble, arguments for a warrant fitness for rental housing or a story of someone living permanently in a camping ground, all news outlets seems to be talking or writing about housing in New Zealand.

It should not be surprising that there is such a concentration on housing because home and shelter are a vital part of all our lives. We need somewhere to live and engage with our family.

The truth, however, is that until recently housing policy and housing supply have not really been issues at the top of people’s concerns. The difficulty of affording homeownership for middle class households may have helped to focus attention on the subject.