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Kittens, puppies and projects

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Posted November 27, 2019

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The Communications Department looks out onto the carpark at THQ and beyond to a back alley and apartments. Over the past year I have been known to randomly say ‘kitten!’ My team knows this means that either one or both of the kittens from an apartment directly over from us are sitting in the window.

It’s usually first thing in the morning. The curtains remain closed, but the kittens (now cats) appear and soak up some rays, sometimes grooming each other and keeping the Comms team entertained for a few moments.

This week there’s a new furry, four-legged distraction in the back alley. An eight-week-old, golden labrador puppy has arrived, and we’ve added ‘puppy!’ to our list of departmental declarations.

I know this puppy will grow into a dog, but sadly I won’t be around to see the transformation, since I’m moving to Auckland. I have full confidence the team will continue to delight in our four-legged neighbours.

There are other projects that I’m leaving unfinished, preparing them as best I can to hand over to someone else. Very rarely do any of us get to wrap everything up with neat bows when change comes.

I’m sure there are things Andy and Yvonne will hand over to our new territorial leaders that they would have loved to see finished. Our new lieutenants will pick up what someone else started. As cute as kittens and puppies are, they need to keep growing to reach full maturity as do our projects, plans, and mission opportunities—regardless of who gets to be the one to get it across the line.

Shar Davis
Assistant Territorial Communications Secretary

Bible verse

Luke 4:43
‘I must proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent.’

Ruka 4:43
Ka mea ia ki a rātou, Me kauwhau e ahau te rangatiratanga o te Atua ki ērā atu pā anō: koia hoki ahau i tonoa mai ai.