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More God, more …

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Posted November 4, 2019

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After months of meetings, emails, planning and prayer, Just Action and Encounter Congress have been and gone.

I really enjoyed the debate at Just Action, featuring cadets from BCM debating the vegetarian lifestyle as a response to caring for all of creation. I couldn’t get enough of the Cultural Encounter night on Thursday, celebrating some of the cultures that form our territory. And Suva Central Corps band lived up to all my expectations, having heard them last year at Commissioning in Fiji.

One of my favourite moments was popping into the children’s space during a moment of sung worship. What caught my eye was a child standing in the midst of the crowd, eyes closed, hands out in front of them in a posture of openness and receiving. It was a beautiful moment of encounter.

I also loved seeing everyone joining in on Friday night’s big game, featuring Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, Ben Clark and wobble-bobble balls. It was cool to see people of all ages getting involved and to know that having fun and laughter are some of the ways we can encounter God.

We’ve spent the past 12 months focusing on New Zeal—Encounter. But it is not something that we tick off our list and move on to the next thing. A posture of openness and receiving is something we can choose every day.
Congress left me encouraged by what I see God doing in the lives of people who come into contact with The Salvation Army, from every aspect of mission and ministry. And it leaves me praying: ‘More God, more’.

Shar Davis
Assistant Territorial Communications Secretary

Bible Verse

Psalm 4:8
In peace I will lie down and
sleep, for you alone, O Lord,
will keep me safe.

Ngā Waiata 4:8
Ka takoto mārire ahau, ā
moe tonu iho; ko koe anake
hoki, e Ihowā, hei mea kia au
tōku noho.