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Submission to Corrections Amendment Bill

A submission to the bill by SPPU.
Posted July 30, 2012

> download Submission to Corrections Amendment Bill (PDF, 137KB)

We are acutely aware that law, crime and justice are all areas that Government is concerned about and active in developing policies and laws in these areas. We applaud this focus

In fact, already in 2012, we have had at least four major justice related amendment bills (including this one) before Select Committee. We also note that Government passed around 18 justice-related bills in its last term. We acknowledge that many of these policy and legislative changes are positive and help ensure that those involved in justice procedures are supported though this process.

But we cannot necessarily equate quantity with quality. We humbly remind the Select Committee that responding to amendments to legislation is not an easy or small thing, especially for charities like The Salvation Army. Time and resources are needed when responding via submissions, particularly when the amendments are very complex and huge in number.

Such a large volume of vital legislative changes that are set within often very short timeframes makes it difficult at times to respond comprehensively through the submission process