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Submission to the Minimum Wage Amendment Bill

The Salvation Army's submission to Parliament.
Posted December 3, 2012

> download Submission to the Minimum Wage (Starting-out Wage) Amendment Bill (PDF, 66KB)

We advocate for policies and projects that will genuinely create new jobs and grow new or existing industries. We are not in favour of a set of policies as found in this Bill that, on the face of it, seem to punish younger people by re-establishing a youth minimum wage rather than actively and creatively create new job opportunities.

The Salvation Army acknowledges that this Bill is based on a pre-election promise by the Government. However, the Regulatory Impact Statement prepared by the former Department of Labour clearly states that consultation for the Regulatory Impact Statement and the Bill had been limited and key business groups had not been consulted. While the Regulatory Impact Statement supports the imposition of this Bill, it also clearly states that the precise nature and extent of the policy’s expected benefits are uncertain.

We submit that further consultation and investigation is needed to ensure that any significant amendments to pay levels in New Zealand are founded on rigorous debate, consultation and investigation. This whole process seems somewhat rushed and key employers, business and social service organisations should be part of this consultation process.