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Submission to the Racing Reform Bill

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Posted June 4, 2019

The Salvation Army welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the Racing Reform Bill 2019. We believe that public consultation, particularly through a robust select committee process, is an opportunity for the Government to gain critical insight into achieving outcomes towards preventing and minimising gambling harm.

However, we are extremely disappointed at the timeframe allocated to consider this important Bill. We submit that this process has not been a good example of fair and open democracy and government. The Bill was posted on the Parliament website on Thursday 30 May, with feedback expected by Tuesday 4 June, the day after a public holiday.

This allows barely two working days to formulate a written response and prepare for oral submissions. Our staff has worked over the long weekend to prepare a meaningful submission that contributes to the public discourse around this Bill, particularly from a gambling harm perspective. We have contacted the Ministry of Health and the staff at the Transport and Infrastructure Committee to share our concerns.

Also, The Salvation Army has issued a Press Release on Tuesday 04 June publically expressing our concern about this process which can be found here:

Consequently, The Salvation Army does not support the passing of this Bill into law.

Submission to the Racing Reform Bill

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Date: 5 Jun 2019