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Submission on Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Race Exemption) Amendment Bill

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Posted July 21, 2022


1. The Salvation Amy opposes the passing of this Bill into law. This stance is based on the following reasons:

  • We believe the Bill goes against the purpose and objects of the SSAA 2012. 
  • Race clubs already have a process to apply for alcohol licences that is operating well and BYO alcohol or extending the areas for alcohol consumption is unnecessary. 
  • It is our view that this Bill is really another political attempt to prop up the racing industry. 
  • The current Police guidance on section 235 is sufficient and clear. 
  • Alcohol consumption, promotion, and sponsorship at sporting events in Aotearoa are being publicly challenged and it is unwise to pass this exemption. 

2. Our positions and views on this Bill are based on our long history in providing both alcohol and other drug treatment services (through our nationwide Bridge programme) and through our gambling harm services (through our nationwide Oasis programme). Therefore, we are in a unique and privileged position to offer some likely different perspectives to this debate as we serve and journey alongside those facing harm and addictions to these legal, but often destructive, substances and activities. 

3. The Salvation Army is committed to and endorses the 5+ Solution endorsed by Alcohol Action New Zealand which are to raise alcohol prices; raise the purchase age; reduce alcohol accessibility; reduce marketing and advertising; and increase drink-driving countermeasures. Additionally, we are supportive of many of the recommendations that have not been followed from the 2010 Curbing The Harm Law Commission report. 

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TSA - Sale and Supply of Alcohol Amendment Bill

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