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We're all part of team New Zealand

Posted November 4, 2017

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One of the early things The Salvation Army did after New Zealand’s new government was announced was to congratulate our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on social media.

This wasn’t a partisan political statement; we would have congratulated whoever was elected—just as we will challenge and support them to do their job well.

What are some of things The Salvation Army is looking for from our new coalition government? To deliver fair access to housing, food, health care, education and employment, to provide ongoing support for the addictions sector, and to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

But are these challenges just for our new MPs? On this question I was inspired by journalist Alison Mau’s interview with Brad Jackson, Professor of Public and Community Leadership at Victoria University. When asked whether Jacinda was ‘good enough for the job’, Jackson replied: ‘Actually, are we good enough for her? Can we step up and help create leadership as well? … Leadership is the collective. It’s up to us. If we believe she’s got it, that’s half the battle won. I’m not talking about blind faith, but we have a role in making sure the leadership promise is fulfilled.’

Wouldn’t it be tremendous if—regardless of how we voted—all Kiwis could work together over the next few years? Where is God taking your heart and mind on behalf of people? Become a collaborator with local and national government and help them make a difference!

Christina Tyson

Bible verse

Romans 15:7 (New International Version)
Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.
Rōma 15:7
Nā, me whakahoa koutou tētahi ki tētahi, kia rite ki a te Karaiti i mea nei i a tātou hei hoa mōna, kia whai korōria ai te Atua.