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CD Review - Cornerstone

The latest release from Hillsong Australia.
Posted August 5, 2012

Cornerstone CD by HillsongCornerstone is Hillsong Australia’s 21st annual release and is what you’ve typically come to expect from the church: upbeat worship songs and grand worship ballads/anthems.

 The foundations of this release are musically solid but some cracks show through with some poor lyrics and under developed imagery. 

With the resources at Hillsong’s disposal, it’s an immediate given that the music and production values of this release will be immaculate. Songs are well written—intricate, dynamic and layered. Fine musical threads weave together seamlessly, and each song builds and swells in just the right places. 

The audio fidelity and production is also superb, but does sway very strongly towards the vocalists. Musicians will have a hard time picking up parts when there’s singing, but will be treated to a buffet of fine musical dining when there’s none. As well, the song arrangements are very complex at times, causing issues for replication in smaller church settings.

Disappointingly, there are some weak lyrics scattered throughout Cornerstone that employ Bible verses but don’t unpack or apply them sufficiently. There are also moments of cringe-worthy rhymes and poor written imagery. It’s easy to sell bad lyrics with amazing production, but painting pretty colours over a crack in a wall doesn’t make the crack go away.

For all its flaws, Cornerstone provides an easy-to-digest format for new Christians in particular to engage with God through music. As always, a great musical experience but you’re looking to be lyrically challenged by what you’re hearing, there are other more fulfilling options out there.  

Reviewed by Kris Singh