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CD Review - Testimony

The latest release from SpiritSong, the national choir of the Salvation Army in New Zealand.
Posted August 5, 2012

Testimony CD by SpiritSongThe significance of Jesus features strongly in this latest release from SpiritSong, the National Choir of the Salvation Army in New Zealand.

Testimony is born from SpiritSong’s desire to see their musical stories encourage others in the Christian walk.

Recorded in 2011, the 15 tracks are varied and represent the often raw and always personal life stories expressed through the words of songwriters. Dick Krommenhoek’s version of ‘My Life Must Be Christ’s Broken Bread’ is a testing a capella number that SpiritSong sing with tight precision.

‘This Is How it Feels to Be Free’ is a joyful testimony to living a life free from sin, while ‘Carried to the Table’ is a gentle reminder of being swept away by the Saviour’s love in times of trial. Other tracks include ‘Stranger’, ‘The Love of God’, ‘Psalm 23’, ‘My Life is in Your Hands’ and ‘Hallelujah Anyhow’.

A strong sense of collaboration between vocalists and musicians shines through this well-produced offering. Its tracks are tastefully mixed, with a good balance between music and vocal. Those that have sat in the audience at one of the choir’s concerts will recognise many familiar numbers. All the songs have a buoyant and joyous quality, partly springing from the relatively youthful but talented makeup of the current choir. Listeners will find themselves singing along, such is the album’s energy.

SpiritSong expresses their testimony through music, and it is their hope and desire that others will enjoy their ‘Testimony’ too. This is one of those albums that will inspire listeners in their own walk—challenging them to ensure their own Christian testimony isn’t mere empty words but a lived-out story of significance.

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