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CD Review - Zoo Boogie

Debut album for toddlers brings infectious music with a positive message.
Zoo Boogie kids show
Posted September 3, 2012

‘Get ready to boogie down at the Zoo Boogie zoo!’ ‘Zoo Boogie’ is the exciting self-titled debut album from Zoo Boogie.

With high hopes of quickly becoming the next big thing in ‘toddlertainment”, this musical offering for young children (sponsored by The Salvation Army), is superbly written and produced, and comfortably holds its own alongside albums released from the likes of international supergroup The Wiggles.

But Zoo Boogie is not just music with a message, it’s music with a mission: ‘to strengthen families and communities by helping to shape the character of young children’. ‘The Family Song’ is a wonderful example of this—it cleverly speaks to young children about the importance of family unity and speaks out against family violence.

Parents will soon be singing along to this album as the entire family embraces these infectious tunes.

Zoo Boogie4 logoMeet Zoo Boogie

Dale the Zoo Keeper, Levi the Lion, Max the Monkey, Ella the Elephant and Boris the Polar Bear are Zoo Boogie! Join in with Dale as he teaches his animal friends important values like kindness, patience, joy, goodness and self-control.

Have a boogieriffic time singing and dancing along with the Zoo Boogie band, learning about the importance of family, community and caring for others.

… And look out for the Zoo Boogie live musical stage show extravaganza, coming to a town near you!

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