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Two Practices

Two Practices

1. Living Like Jesus

Living like Jesus is about reflecting the values and qualities of Jesus in all aspects of our lives, to draw people towards him. If we truly want to be the Army that brings Life, we must model the fullness of life that comes from a relationship with Jesus, starting from our officers and other leaders, and continuing through all our Salvationists and staff.

We will know we are being successful when we see:

• an improvement in our Working Well and new Congregation Survey results

• an increase in personal accountability. We will help achieve this by:

• supporting discipleship training and one-on-one discipling

• providing access for all Salvationists and staff to RightNow media

• encouraging personal and group accountability

• providing further leadership training.


2. Doing Mission Together

Doing Mission Together is about being intentional in offering holistic ministries that meet people’s spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs, with seamless connections between our faith communities and social service centres.

We will know we are being successful when we see an increase in the number of:

• first-time decisions

• people linked to a corps/faith community from social services

• integrated mission plans developed with other corps/centres

• corps people participating in social services.

We will help achieve this by:

• Providing training in holistic ministry, how to share your faith, and being welcoming

• Developing regional hubs and integrated mission plans

• Making it easier to participate in social services.