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A modern day psalm: written by you

Check out this amazing forty-four person psalm, created by the comments of our Women's Ministries online community! The freely printable PDF is available to download at the bottom of the page.

We value collaboration and your voice. On our Salvation Army Women's Ministries Facebook Page, we asked our WM community what they reminded themselves of every morning. Their replies are what created this modern day psalm. Forty four authors are included, and their message is one of deep hope and resilience. Feel free to print and read or use this however you like! 

Ideas to get the Modern Day Psalm into the hands of your people

Why not print extras and give them out at the reception desk, staff table, group or to friends as a blessing? People who don't have access online would be greatly encouraged by your considering their needs. Marilyn from our WM community suggests having a copy on the back of bathroom doors, with a note where more copies are available, so the different people using your facilities can be blessed too.

You can also upload the image at the bottom on Social Media!

Thanks to our forty four authors

Thanks to Georgia, Angie, Claire, Heather, Theresa, Elizabeth, Sheila, Gaylene, Kaylee, Elise, Cindy, Beteana, Mahlayna, Betty, Susan, Darren, Raga, Kym, Johanna, Anna Marie, Shirley, Sherralynne, Leanne, Belinda, Missy, Margaret-Anne, Heidi, Conny, Shaa, Ingrid, Rosa, Frances, Dan, Limaina, Jenni, Gina, Hannah, Bridget, ‘Karen, Judith, Barbara, Whaea Sharon, Margaret and Stephanie.

A Modern Day Psalm text

'God has called me,

I serve at his pleasure for his kingdom!

God's got me. 

I'm a daughter of the King and he has given me the greatest weapon,

the sword, his word!


I’ll show you something I’m reminded of daily. 

It’s, I believe, an example of how people can change their lives.

God’s grace is sufficient for me, never failing.

I am saved by grace. I am a spiritual leader,

God has anointed me, for whatever I’m about to do, to take on.


The path I am on -

God is walking beside me,

indeed he prepared this pathway for me. 

So I will praise the Lord forever.


My life is a gift from God - 

how I use it is my gift to God.


God works in miraculous ways,

his ways are not my ways.

I only see my piece of the puzzle, 

but God sees the bigger picture. 

Trust him with it all.


You got this,

You got this,

You got this.

God’s got this.


God gives more than we can handle, because 

we need to remember we are nothing without him. 

If God gives us only what we can handle, 

there would be no reason to call out to Him.


Cover me my Lord.


If you don’t make a start on your laundry, we’re going to have real problems here pretty soon.



Don’t be too busy to love people.

Self-care is not selfish.

Believe in yourself and others,

love the person in front of you!

I am loved and forgiven.


I've got another chance to do better! 

Thank you Lord!

How fortunate I am!

With the Holy Spirit, I can do anything!

I am nothing without God.


Today’s a new day. I can make it a good day.

God is good and faithful every day,

Practice gratitude daily.

God has been faithful in the past.


Live in his presence. Be like Jesus!


Every time I look at my watch 

it reminds me to focus on him.

I’m blessed because I have a 

wonderful husband, family and good friends.


God loves me.


I am never alone.

I am valued and valuable no 

matter what I do, or don't do.


God is good,

life is good,

tomorrow is another day.


Spend less time looking on Facebook.


God's view of me is more important than my own!

Truth trumps feeling every time.


I am enough.


God’s presence is with me 

in all things.

God is with me, 

telling me ‘You're doing great, 

keep moving forward’


Our God reigns.

The victory is won! Hallelujah!'


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