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Year of Prayer 2021


The Salvation Army across New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa is united in prayer throughout 2021, having responded to the call: MAKE ROOM; COME ASIDE; COME TOGETHER

We are seeking to strengthen our prayer life both personally and corporately because this is foundational to God’s power being at work amongst us. As an Army of many parts which is actively engaged across many mission fronts, we reaffirm the absolute imperative that we make room in our busy lives to be people of prayer.

This call to prayer is not another programme. Nor is there prescribed involvement laid down from territorial headquarters. The call to prayer from our territorial leaders Commissioners Mark and Julie Campbell, is a request to infuse every part of our mission with prayer. Locally this will mean increased intentional prayer infusing all that happens.

We believe that as our prayer-life is rekindled where necessary, and new prayer experiences are explored, that God will hear our prayer. As our lives are attuned to God’s will and purpose, we will see greater mission impact and we will be sustained as vibrant Spirit-filled Army for this twenty-first century.

Year of Prayer - Looking Back at 2021

Territorial Leaders, Commissioners Mark and Julie Campbell, talk with Colonel Heather Rodwell about the 2021 Year of Prayer.

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