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Hutt City Corps

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Whether you’re a spiritual seeker who is just starting to ask questions about God, or a fully-devoted follower of Jesus Christ, we are all on a spiritual journey and we all have the same basic needs.

For example, the need to know we’re loved and accepted unconditionally, the need for meaningful relationships with one another and with God, and the need to be part of something bigger than ourselves.  We have discovered and continue to discover that the love and grace of God makes a difference in our lives! 

Crossroads is representative of God’s family around the world - we are glad that the diversity among us in age, race and circumstances adds to our sense of family, as we worship God and work and celebrate together. 

Our Sunday Service is at 10.30am and all are welcome.

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What's On

Service time(s)

Sunday 10:30am

Interest groups

We run numerous interest groups which provide an opportunity for all members of the community to get involved. Please visit our website by clicking the various (red) links below:

All Life Groups

  • Overcomers (50+)
  • Jandals Men's Lifegroup
  • Kelson Lifegroup
  • The Journey Lifegroup
  • Craft Group fro Mums
  • Upper Hutt LIfegroup
  • Life for Jesus Group
  • Mankind Lifegroup
  • Shalom Israel Lifesgroup
  • Prayer Meetings
  • Literacy Bible Study
  • English Bible Study


Generator Kids (7-13 Yrs)

Upfront Youth (High School Age)

Local events

Check out Hutt City's Website Calendar Page by clicking here for the latest info on all our upcoming events and for a full list of programs we run.

You can also check out our Facebook Page for more information.

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