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Self Assessment

EIGHT Gambling Screen Online Test

Most people in New Zealand enjoy gambling, whether it's Lotto, track racing, the pokies or at the casino. Sometimes, however, it can affect our health.

To help us check your well-being, please answer the questions below as truthfully as you can from your own experience.

EIGHT Gambling Screen Online Test

  1. I’ve sometimes felt depressed or anxious after a session of gambling:  Yes | No
  2. I’ve sometimes felt guilty about the way I gamble:  Yes | No
  3. When I think about it, gambling has sometimes caused me problems:  Yes | No
  4. I’ve sometimes found it better not to tell others, especially my family, about the amount of time or money I spend gambling:  Yes | No
  5. I often find that when I stop gambling I’ve run out of money:  Yes | No
  6. I often get the urge to return to gambling to win back losses from a past session:  Yes | No
  7. I have received criticism about my gambling in the past:  Yes | No
  8. I have tried to win money to pay debts:  Yes | No

Scoring Guide:

If 4 or more questions are answered 'Yes', gambling is adversely affecting the person's well-being and an intervention is appropriate. Contact us for assistance.

EIGHT Screen (Early Intervention Gambling Health Test)
Developed by Dr Sean Sullivan, Abacus Counselling & Training Services Ltd,