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Hospice palliative care is a special type of care for people whose illness is no longer responsive to curative treatment.

Our hospice will enable you to achieve the best possible quality of life during the final stages of your illness. It includes family support and bereavement services.

Services provided by our hospice

Care is provided 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our services include inpatient and community care, bereavement support, counselling, spiritual care, equipment loan and education.

In our inpatient facility patients are admitted for specialist care. This may be for symptom management, respite or terminal care.

Do you have to pay for hospice palliative care?

Hospice palliative care is free of charge to patients and their families. The cost of care is covered by a contribution from the Government through the Ministry of Health. The rest is raised from the community through fundraising activities.