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The Good Shop Partners

The Good Shop is proud to partner with some of New Zealand's finest organizations.



Countdown is proud to be involved in The Good Shop as part of our national partnership with The Salvation Army which last year saw more than $1.7 million of food donated to Salvation Army foodbanks throughout New Zealand. By combining our leading online shopping service with The Good Shop, Countdown can help ensure that Kiwis who need it most have fair access to food at standard supermarket prices.

We care deeply that all New Zealanders can access and choose healthy food for themselves and their families. By partnering with The Salvation Army, we can provide our low prices every day to those people in our communities who may not be able to reach a Countdown store.

If you want to help too, you can donate food in specially marked bins at your local Countdown store or


As the Bank of New Zealand, it’s our mission to enable a high achieving New Zealand, and we want to ensure that all Kiwis have the opportunity to be good with money and do great things with it.

We believe people’s relationship with money has a significant impact on their overall wellbeing. We’re focused on helping improve the financial wellbeing of all New Zealanders in a meaningful way, and we’re investing in partnerships to help us reach more people, in more communities, with more experts, tools and support.

That’s why we’re honoured to be supporting The Salvation Army in the establishment of The Good Shop, which will have a positive impact on the wellbeing of communities by taking on predatory mobile shopping trucks and providing access to quality goods and groceries.

Over the last four years, we’ve helped people avoid getting trapped in destructive cycle of debt, often pushed by these predatory lenders, and we’ve committed $60 million in lending to help do it.

Partnering with The Salvation Army on the Good Shop will mean we are able to assist even more people through the provision of interest- free and low-interest finance options.

The Warehouse Group

The Warehouse Group is proud to be part of the Good Shop initiative and support those who are unable to get to one of our stores.

The Warehouse Group and Salvation Army have worked together for many years, with the Salvation Army being one of the Group’s key charity partners.  Last year almost $130,000 was provided to the Salvation Army and just this year Warehouse Stationery gifted $30,000 in gift cards to help those struggling with back to school costs.

The Warehouse Group has always cared deeply for Aoteoroa and its purpose is to help Kiwi’s live better every day.  The Good Shop initiative aligns strongly with that and we look forward to the Good Shop providing a retail experience wrapped in the trusted support of the Salvation Army.

The Tindall Foundation

John McCarthy, Manager of The Tindall Foundation says, “The Tindall Foundation is delighted to be supporting this innovative initiative to help families in South Auckland who could otherwise be taken advantage of by mobile lending operators.

Every whanau/family in NZ should have the ability to provide for themselves and their children. It’s great to be part of a comprehensive effort to give families and other vulnerable consumers a way to avoid being trapped in an ongoing cycle of poverty and debt.”

The Nikau Foundation

The Nikau Foundation helps good people do great things.  As part of the global Community Foundation movement we provide an easy way for people to give to their community, making an investment for long term community transformation and connecting generous people who care with causes that matter.

Nikau is the Community Foundation for the Wellington region including Kāpiti and Wairarapa.