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About this appeal

About this appeal

This Christmas we will typically see over 16,000 people who are in desperate need.

Most people present to The Salvation Army at a time of crisis, and we provide immediate relief through food and aid parcels. But that is just the beginning of their journey. We work strategically with the client to identify the underlying causes behind their need. We then provide individual, wrap-around support to help clients achieve their life goals.

  • The Salvation Army supports around 16,000 people or 5000 families at Christmas.
  • We provide over 1800 people with transitional housing during the Christmas season.
  • Almost 16,000 clients receive Christmas gifts
  • Almost 15,000 receive Christmas hampers to help them put on Christmas dinner.
  • Between December and January, we provide almost 10,500 social work sessions to families and individuals.

With your help, we can support that person for whom the coming season of joy will be their darkest moment; or give hope to that Kiwi family soon to be living on the street; or so many others who find themselves in desperate circumstances this year.

You can help provide a range of immediate and long-term support—like food parcels, accommodation and advocacy, counselling, budgeting and practical assistance.

If you’ve ever wondered if the donations that you send to us really transform lives and make incredible changes possible, read about Lex and also about Sia. Each tell their own story about This time last year... and where they are now, this year. Both of them are looking forward to this time next year.

Please help Kiwis in need by supporting our Christmas Appeal. When New Zealanders need us, we need you.