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Lex's Story


This time last year...

... was the darkest time of Lex’s life.  He’d lost his Dad who was his biggest supporter.  Alone and grief-stricken, Lex went down the totally wrong path of alcohol and drugs to ease his pain of loss.

Ultimately, with addiction, comes the choice between death or survival.  Lex chose survival and came into our Bridge rehabilitation programme.

He’ll be the first one to tell you that
it was the hardest thing he’s ever done... 

But thanks to caring people like you who help us to feed, accommodate, and support Lex through making the massive changes in his life, now this year, Lex is a different person. He can start to plan his future... thinking about this time next year.

Lex is currently living in Epsom Lodge, our transitional housing until he’s fully independent and able to find a place of his own.  He now has hopes and dreams for the future, and messages to share.

To those people who’ve lost their way: 

‘To get your life back, reach  out to the Sallies – they’re the perfect place to start.
They let me make mistakes without judging,
and were always in the background letting me find the answers for myself,
but picking me up when I fell badly. 
I may have lost my own family,
but the Sallies have become my new family.’

To those people who donate to The Salvation Army:

'The Sallies don’t expect anything, but please give all you can.
As little as $5, or $20 may not be much to you,
but what it may do for someone else can equal a million.
Often, for those of us in crisis, the Sallies are the ones who are there for us.’

The truth is that the Bridge programme is only the start of full rehabilitation. Lex continued his personal journey supported by our many additional wrap-around services.

Courses like the Positive Lifestyle Programme (PLP) that helps deal with depression, anger, grief and stress, build self-esteem and gain skills in assertiveness, goal setting and problem-solving.

Hauora wairua, a sense of spiritual wellbeing, underpins all we do.

Even though we do get government funding for programmes like the Bridge, many of our wrap-around services needed to complete a person’s rehabilitation depend totally on the generosity of compassionate Kiwis. Additional relief and practical support, like start-up care packs and items needed when they move into their new home are all not funded.

Now this year, Lex is changed; he's a different person and thankful to have found care and support. Just knowing that someone cares about their plight is a gift in itself to those who come to us for help.

Each Christmas The Salvation Army helps more than 16,000 people with urgent and long-term care including housing, food, counselling and advocacy. With your help, we can support that person for whom the coming season of joy will be their darkest moment; or give hope to that Kiwi family soon to be living on the street; or so many others who find themselves in desperate circumstances this year.

Please donate today and help someone else like Lex.