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Cash Donations

Businesses donate funds to The Salvation Army from a range of activities including staff led fundraisers, customer donations, as well as company donations. Follow the links in the images below to find out what these partners did to generate funds.

The Salvation Army depends on the generosity of supporters to help us provide essential social services for those struggling to meet basic needs. We help over 120,000 New Zealanders every year - with budgeting advice, food parcels, life skills programmes and other comfort and support. Our aim is to give people a helping hand toward a brighter future. 

The Salvation Army is a registered charity under the Charities Act 2005, registered number CC37312. This means The Salvation Army is exempt from income tax. The Army also has Donee Status from IRD, meaning business donations of $5 or more may qualify for a tax credit.

For more information on making a business donation contact our Corporate Relationships team.