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An inconvenient call

Jordan Westrupp on the peace and fulfilment of God's call.
Jordan Westrupp
Posted July 5, 2013

I bet you didn’t know that as cadets training at Booth College of Mission you (as in you, The Salvation Army) are never far from our minds.

We spend a lot of time praying for you and with you, discussing all manner of things about you, and listening to you. We are stirred whenever we think about all that The Salvation Army is today—but we are in our element when God shifts our view to what he has in store for you!

So, what would I like to say to you, The Salvation Army? Live a life of inconvenience.

Every person has a God-given purpose, and in The Salvation Army we call this ‘a calling’. My calling has led me to Booth College to train to become an officer (pastor). This decision didn’t come because of a loud reverberating voice from the clouds. Instead, the more my relationship with God grew, the more real a life devoted to others became. It was almost as if God was revealing that this was what he had made me for—he was drawing it out from deep within my bones, and it had been there since he first thought of me.

This is my calling, but you have a calling, too.

I spoke once with a group of young adults about what it means to be ‘on purpose’ and what our callings are. My challenge to them (and to you) is that it is an odd but wonderful thing to find peace in an inconvenienced life. Most people spend their whole lives chasing convenience; yet find that peace and fulfilment never come with it. It’s odd, it goes against every voice around us, but God’s path is more fulfilling than any other path we could take.

I received a text message from a good friend of mine that someone close to him had been hit by a bus and was on life support—things were not looking good. I knew my friend was reaching out to me for support, but honestly, my first thought was, ‘This is the last thing I need; I have work tomorrow and it’s late.’ That text was an inconvenience and I challenged myself about my reaction. I knew what was right. I had a friend who needed support and prayer, so I responded. As a result, I was reminded of the peace and blessing that comes from being inconvenienced and of what life is really all about.

I don’t want you to think of a ‘calling’ as something God has for someone else; other people, but not for you. Actually, God calls everyone! Everyone has a calling to something.

I dare you to pray about your calling aloud next time you’re in a life group or prayer meeting. Imagine what that simple but risky moment might produce. Would you even want to hear your own voice say it?

Do you get fired up and passionate talking with friends about how church ‘could’ be? Have you experienced the fullness of being inconvenienced for others? The Salvation Army could offer you the best way to live a life of God-given purpose!

ByJordan Westrupp (abridged from War Cry, 29 June 2013, p9)