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22,000 care packages for Kiwis in need

L'Oreal Team
Posted June 27, 2019

L’Oréal New Zealand’s employees rolled up their sleeves this week to pack 22,000 wellbeing packages for New Zealanders in need, with non-profit organisations nationwide set to receive the carefully curated donations.

The wellbeing packs contain 250,000 units of stock, including everyday essentials such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and moisturiser, along with selected beauty items, amounting to an estimated retail value of more than $3 million.

Part of L’Oréal’s 10th annual Citizen Day, the L’Oréal New Zealand team devoted a full day of work time, taking over the Vodafone Events Centre on 26 June, for a day of volunteering to support individuals and families in need. Auckland Mayor Phil Goff visited and met the team who prepared the 22,000 wellbeing packs.

Aurelie de Cremiers, Country Manager, L’Oréal New Zealand says, “it is such an honour for the company to come together to assist those struggling within our communities.”

“Citizen Day gives our employees the opportunity to embody L’Oréal’s commitment to social responsibility and support non-profit organisations that work tirelessly to help families and people in need. It is so important to us as a company to contribute to our community as every little bit helps.”

This year, non-profit charities receiving the packages include Auckland City Mission, The Salvation Army, Women’s Refuge, Barnardos, Ronald Mc Donald House and VOYCE Whakarongo Mai, with each charity being invited to speak on the day to share their cause.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff said, “For families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet, it’s often hard to afford everyday essentials like shampoo.  “I really welcome L’Oréal’s move to provide wellbeing packages to those who are struggling.  It will make a real difference to those people and families”. “I am looking forward to meeting tomorrow with the team who are preparing the packages”, Phil Goff said.

Tracie Shipton, VOYCE Whakarongo Mai CEO, says she’s delighted that every New Zealand teenager in care will have access to a wellbeing pack.  Items generally taken for granted, such as daily shampoo and conditioner are often essentials that become luxuries for some. 

“The packages will be warmly received, and we are so grateful. The donations not only provide teens in care with the essentials for basic personal hygiene but help lift their spirits and give them a sense of pride.”

With nearly 20,000 packages gifted in 2018, L’Oréal New Zealand is proud to raise the bar even further, setting the ambitious task of 22,000 packages this year.

“Our employees are super motivated and feel proud to be a part of an initiative that allows us to make a positive impact on thousands of Kiwis’ lives and contribute to their wellbeing in our country,” says de Cremiers.