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Government alcohol levy increase not enough to address harm caused

Broken beer bottle
Posted June 21, 2024

The Salvation Army is extremely disappointed at the Government’s decision to raise the alcohol levy by such a small amount, as has been announced.

The increase in the levy, from about $11.5m a year to about $16.6m, represents an increase of less than half a cent on the price of a can of beer.

This Government has been promoting an investment approach to the many social problems our society faces. The money raised by the alcohol levy is targeted at making just the kind of investment required to address the devastating harm that alcohol causes in our society.

“Raising the alcohol levy was a critical chance to raise taxes to invest in the necessary public health initiatives required to prevent or mitigate the harm alcohol causes—and all out of the profits made from the very product that causes the harm,” Lt-Col Ian Hutson says.

“Here was an opportunity to raise the funds necessary to invest proactively in these responses—an opportunity lost.”

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