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Uniform Group 2019

Updating the Uniform
Posted September 11, 2019

A new Uniform Group was established earlier this year to explore changes to the uniform for New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga, through the updating of our official uniform minutes. The creation of a uniform minute for Samoa has been worked on by the regional leaders and their team.

The group is chaired by Chief Secretary, Colonel Suzanne Fincham, and is made up of a variety of people including officers, soldiers and employees. Their desire is to see uniform options that are practical, affordable, inclusive and culturally relevant. Changes to the uniform have been a regular topic of conversation between Divisional Directors of Women's Ministries and THQ. As senior leaders travel around the territory, people share their thoughts and requests about uniforms with them. These are all being considered as part of the process.

Members of the group are Sheryn Adamson (soldier and Image Consultant), Captain Mat Badger (Territorial Youth Secretary), Captain Perry Bray (Corps Officer), Shelby Burns (Salvationist Resources), Major Shar Davis (Assistant Territorial Communications Secretary), Tim Hamilton (Director of Public Relations), Toga Tofilau (employee). Gemma Cornish, fashion designer and member of Miramar Corps was unable to commit to the group due to her international work commitments but is happy to input as needed.

The group meet each month and will submit their completed work to the Policy & Minutes Committee for consideration.

If you would like to submit any ideas or thoughts to the group, please email the chair: nzfts.cs@salvationarmy.org.nz