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Bex's Story


‘I still remember the decisions I had to make when providing for my children: I’ve got four nappies left and it’s not payday; I have to choose which child I’m going to put the nappy on.’

Bex is one of the people whose lives have been transformed by your generous donations. This is her story.

Bex was expecting a baby when her relationship ended. This coincided with a family need where she unexpectedly found herself looking after two of her brother’s young children. This meant extra strain on her already stretched resources. Once the baby was born, Bex had three in nappies.

Although Bex was working, her income did not meet the growing needs:

                ‘Dinner – it’s bread, noodles or Weet-Bix, again.

                I’ve just bought groceries and payment was declined.

Bex sat outside the supermarket with boys who needed to go to bed, waiting for money to come through.

We need food and nappies.’

Through these desperate times, the one thing that Bex could give the children was an abundance of love.

Then one day in a park, everything changed. Bex got chatting to a person who invited her to bring the children to a playgroup at The Salvation Army.

Deeply fearful of being judged, Bex had to call on every ounce courage to accept the invitation and walk through a door into the unknown. She was especially worried because The Army is a faith-based organisation. What would they think of her bleak circumstances?

Once inside, instead of judgment, Bex found a warm welcome and the help she needed, thanks to your generosity.

                ‘Someone asked if I wanted a coffee. Someone

                else asked if they could hug my baby. And then

                I was given this huge box filled with food and

                nappies. There was even meat in there. It made

                me realise there is hope, there is a way out,

               there is a future and I don’t have to do it


From this beginning, Bex received the support she needed. She was enabled to access a benefit she was entitled to and services she was unaware of. Bex also undertook our budgeting course, and was helped emotionally through our counselling service.

Bex soon grew in confidence and she started volunteering. Later she was employed by the Salvation Army. But best of all, she found someone who believed in her and encouraged her to study towards achieving her dream of becoming a social worker, and this year Bex will achieve her registration!

Now, what Bex loves most about her role in social work is being able to understand others who are in the same position that she was in when we first met her. She now supports other people with the love, encouragement and practical assistance that she received.

Having been under the threat of homelessness herself, Bex gains great satisfaction from working in our housing section, where she enables families to access warm, dry stable homes where children can settle and thrive. 

When asked what she would say to someone who donates to The Salvation Army, Bex didn’t have to think very hard:

                ‘The big thing is, it’s not about changing

                 just one person’s life. It changes the

                community, because every person helped goes on

                to lead a better life and helps someone else.’

This is the transformational power of your donation. And in partnership, we are the hands that pass on your goodwill, your compassionate generosity and the tools that enable the life-changing differences for your fellow Kiwi.

When you give to The Salvation Army, you never know who it will help or what difference your generosity will make in their lives or the lives of their family.

This is the power of giving.

It’s also empowering for the person whose life is transformed by your generosity—just having someone in their corner who cares enough to reach out with a helping hand.

'Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.'

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