Introducing MIKA

You may see our collectors this year using MIKA


MIKA, a New Zealand-founded company, identified an issue: people no longer carry cash. In response, they sought to create a solution for charities, ensuring they could continue their vital work for causes and communities.

MIKA's application transforms Android smartphones into industry certified contactless payment terminals. As of now, iPhones do not have the capability to collect donations, which is why all our street week collectors using MIKA will be using Android smartphones. Charities and nonprofits issue campaign codes to their collectors, which set up the app to gather donations on their behalf. 

MIKA's utilises technology that has been evaluated by an independent security laboratory to ensure compliance with the Visa Tap to Phone 1.8.1 security standard. It is approved by Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover Card.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MIKA secure?

MIKA uses technology that has been assessed by an independent security laboratory and meets the security standards of the Visa Tap to Phone 1.8.1 standards. The technology has also been approved by Mastercard, American Express and Discover card.

Are card numbers stored on the device or MIKA platform?

Card numbers are encrypted immediately after they are read by the applications and are never stored on the user’s app or mobile. Payments are then processed in a PCI DSS level 1 approved platform. Full card data is NOT stored on any MIKA system or any device.

What happens to donor data?

Donor data is used to create receipts and given to The Salvation Army in a secure manner. There is an opt-in to marketing option at the time of email receipt.

What cards can be used?

MIKA supports Visa and Mastercard in New Zealand.

Can donors use Apple Pay or Google Pay?

The MIKA app supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay wallets and they can tap to donate like a card.

Where can I find out more?

If you want to find out more about MIKA, visit their website https://www.mikapaytech.com


You can see MIKA’s privacy statement on their website https://www.mikapaytech.com/privacy-policy


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