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Services you Support

Your support is enabling us to provide support to Kiwi's in need in so many ways:


Helping individuals see a brighter future

The Community Ministries teams and centres nationwide continue to welcome anyone and everyone to receive help. We assess what is going on in their lives and where we can be of assistance, even if it is just a listening ear. We are seeing an increased need for ongoing whānau support as people continue to feel stressed. The increased cost of living may have exacerbated feelings of isolation, addiction issues and vulnerabilities around mental and physical health. Your support enables us to still be here.

The provision of advocacy, counselling and social work support is the backbone to how we can build resilience and strengthen someone's fragile state. The emotional, psychological and spiritual toll is playing out in many aspects across the whole of society. As we navigate through another year of uncertainty, the service areas providing hope, emotional support and personal development are vital to sustain people and give them the tools to deal with what they are facing, so they can look towards a brighter future.


Restoring financial confidence and independence

Financial mentoring is a cornerstone service in helping people achieve independence. It is frequently the key to resolving and supporting people through difficult situations. Increased costs of living and inflation are hitting all income levels of society—like food prices, the volatile petrol prices and a stretched housing market. It seems everyone is facing a tough time, some more than others.

Advisors help people set realistic budgets and live within that budget so they can meet their family needs. They provide advocacy and guidance around their welfare entitlements and debt to consolidate, and give clients a workable plan—and you are supporting them. Staff and volunteers work alongside clients to help them achieve their financial goals. This includes giving people renewed confidence in themselves and their own abilities, along with a sense of control.  


Providing relief for families

Receiving one of our food parcels is often the  first step in someone's journey, by bravely asking for help. It is a gateway to support some families that are coping with hardship, mental stress and financial pressures. But the food parcel does not solve the problem. Getting to the heart of the cause, then setting a plan is what helps people turn a corner—we do this together.

Daily, we see distress from those needing immediate assistance. The foodbanks and hubs are an immediate solution, but we recognise there are alternative ways to help. A long-term ideal could be for social supermarkets and other ways of supporting those who experience food insecurity. The reality is that food insecurity is becoming a more noticeable everyday struggle for more people. Thankfully we have people like you supporting these vital services so we will still be there with that initial food parcel that brings relief, and the opportunities to move forward. 


Helping families and individuals see a way forward

When a family or individual is struggling or is in an unsuitable living situation, often basic household items are out of reach—including household items like homewares and bedding, let alone furniture or clothing. Practical aid packages and links to low interest loans for whiteware are some of the ways we support their situation. 

For some, lack of transportation hampers their access to medical appointments or attending other services like counseling. Practical support like this, with basics from our Family Stores or vouchers for specifics such as school uniform or stationary, helps them find their sense of place. By providing these services to our clients we have allowed them to see past where they were to where they are now headed. From the change in their demeanour, pride and sense of dignity, we can see their mana is being restored. 


Investing in the next generation

The Salvation Army is looking to change the narrative and foster engagement to bring the village (community) together to support our youth. We are exploring new ways to connect and support the youth in our community as this is key to many long-term outcomes that can seriously affect our society.

Existing programmes like Aspire continue to bring results for young people and their families. The 'Circle of Courage' is designed to increase positive participation, get them involved in community projects and set goals in a fun, supportive environment for their personal development. Investing in our young people benefits us all, so your part in this will help the next generation succeed.


Providing stability for those who need it most

The support in the area of housing covers many facets. We have continued to invest in housing stocks and find accommodation that moves people from the housing register and unsuitable accommodation into warm, dry sustainable homes. 

Transitional housing offers 12 weeks in secure housing with wraparound support. From here, we are able to place people in suitable accommodation, whether living with family, putting people into their own place, a private rental or social housing. Having a permanent home turns lives around, as this allows people to obtain stability with employment and maintain regular education for their children who are not having to constantly move between schools.


Helping Kiwis overcome addiction

Recent pressures have resulted in more anxiety; for some that has led them to a harmful use of alcohol or gambling. Support is offered through intensive residential treatment or support in community settings. Specialist addiction treatment services include counselling support and psycho-educational groups. We have also invested in recovery-specific supported housing, peer recovery coaching and support in the community to provide wraparound support after completing the programme. 

Oasis gambling harm services work not only with the gamblers but their whānau too. We know many clients feel immense shame about their gambling addiction, so we are creating tools to engage earlier and faster with our services. Working within local communities, we are encouraging venues to adopt policies and practices that reduce gambling harm.

These services—whether Bridge for alcohol and other drugs or Oasis for gambling—help to move people towards a healthy and resilient lifestyle. The wraparound support and additional programmes help affect outcomes to ensure that there is a real long-term transformation. 

Your donation could help provide these services and so much more to kiwis who find themselves one step away from crisis.

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