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Services your donation provides

Wraparound services details

When a client approaches one of the Salvation Army's Community Ministries centres, they rarely present with a single issue that can be neatly resolved. Usually an aspect of their living situation—be that housing, finance or hunger—has spiralled and prompted them to seek support for themselves and their whānau. This is why the Salvation Army's Community Ministries are committed to providing wraparound, holistic support to every client that enters through its centres' doors. These wraparound services is what brings long-term support to our clients aimed at achieving long-term sustainable change for our clients so they can see a better future for themselves and their families.

Below is our list of the services that help with links to individual pages for more information on each service.


Addiction Services

Practical Assistance

Youth Development

Food Security

Budgeting Services

Counselling & Social Work Services


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