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Budgeting Services

Restoring financial confidence and independence

Financial mentoring is a cornerstone service in helping people achieve independence. It is frequently the key to resolving and supporting people through difficult situations. There was a substantial uptake in demand last year, with over 13,600 sessions for more than 4,400 clients, most of them new clients. Increased costs of living and inflation are hitting all income levels of society—like food prices (in March these were reported to cost 6.8% more than last year), the volatile petrol prices and a stretched housing market. It seems everyone is facing a tough time, some more than others.

Advisors help people set realistic budgets and live within that budget so they can meet their family needs. They provide advocacy and guidance around their welfare entitlements and debt to consolidate, and give clients a workable plan—and you are supporting them. We continue to offer low-interest Community Finance loans and work with other agencies to alleviate financial pressure. Staff and volunteers work alongside clients to help them achieve their financial goals. This includes giving people renewed confidence in themselves and their own abilities, along with a sense of control.  

As pressures build with a 'cost of living crisis' seemingly just a small step away, the importance and availability for solid financial assistance, and creating individualised budget plans for a sustainable future, continues to be a resource that is keenly needed for this year.

A statistical snapshot of our budgeting services in 2021:

  • 4,400 clients received financial mentoring from 33 locations.
  • 83% of clients that finished the financial mentoring courses were able to meet the needs and obligations of their whānau.
  • More than 30 Salvation Army centres offered financial mentoring services.
  • 71% of clients who went through financial mentoring felt more confident managing their money.

Real Life Impact:

Even though she was working full-time, Carinne was overwhelmed with debt. 'My life and finances were in a huge mess... I felt how caring and supportive the budgeting team was and I relaxed and felt happy to do what was suggested'. Together they worked out a budget, applied for a debt relief loan scheme to consolidate the debts and Carinne left with a food parcel. A while later, when her car needed to be fixed, they both looked at the budget again to see about getting WINZ to help, rather than taking out another loan. Carinne worked on paying off her high interest loans first and she has now cleared these. Each time something came up that would upset Carine's finances they reconsidered the budget to find a way forward. 'I now manage to keep my finances better—not perfect yet but 100% better than before. All these things are an ongoing daily commitment. With God and the team's support, anything is possible'.   

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