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Housing Support

Providing stability for those who need it most

The support in the area of housing covers many facets. We have continued to invest in housing stocks and find accommodation that moves people from the housing register and unsuitable accommodation into warm, dry sustainable homes. Transitional housing, supportive accommodation and social housing gave homes to 4,000 women, men and children last year, who had no place to stay.

Transitional housing offers 12 weeks in secure housing with wraparound support. From here, we are able to place people in suitable accommodation, whether living with family, putting people into their own place, a private rental or social housing.

Moving forward we currently have more housing developments planned with further investment in Hamilton due next. Another 120 units are expected to be added to the portfolio over the next 12-18 months. Having a permanent home turns lives around, as this allows people to obtain stability with employment and maintain regular education for their children who are not having to constantly move between schools.

For tenants and those being supported with housing, additional programs like 'Ready to Rent', 'Sustaining Tenancies' along with other social or community support ensure that they are able to remain in their home and be secure.

A statistical snapshot of our housing support in 2021:

  • Housed 1,761 families and individuals and transitioned 894 through to through to suitable accommodation.
  • 744 transitional houses/units (over 100 more last year than the previous year).
  • Added 68 brand new highly insulated homes to our stock of social housing units in June 2021.

Real Life Impact:

Housing support and advocacy is important in gaining and retaining a tenancy. For Nyla and her extended family, home was emergency housing for two years. Together we worked with the family. When Work and Income found them a house, things were set up directly by WINZ. They moved in two weeks before Christmas with no furniture, no cutlery or any of the basics to make it feel like home. Christmas dinner was sandwiches on the floor but Nyla said they were 'just so happy to be out of emergency housing'.

During a visit, we found the house was extremely cold with the children sleeping on a mattress on the floor with just two blankets between them. There was no food and furniture. We advocated for Nyla to get the washing machine connected and the door to a bedroom fixed. A heat pump has been installed and furniture brought. They now have a second-hand lounge suite, table and chairs, and they also have bunk beds, single beds and a double bed. Food parcels have been provided so the next step is to work with the family on budgeting.

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