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Practical Assistance

Helping families and individuals see a way forward

When a family or individual is struggling or is in an unsuitable living situation, often basic household items are out of reach—including household items like homewares and bedding, let alone furniture or clothing. Practical aid packages and links to low interest loans for whiteware are some of the ways we support their situation. 

For some, lack of transportation hampers their access to medical appointments or attending other services like counseling. Practical support like this, with basics from our Family Stores or vouchers for specifics such as school uniform or stationary, helps them find their sense of place. By providing these services to our clients we have allowed them to see past where they were to where they are now headed. From the change in their demeanour, pride and sense of dignity, we can see their mana is being restored. 

With newly-learnt skills, tools and knowledge from practical programmes—like life skills, parenting courses, and introductions to social networks—plus wraparound care and support, we make sustainable life-changing differences for those that walk through our doors each day.

Real Life Impact:

Receiving curtains for her children's room was life-changing for Cheryl. She came in seeking food, and appeared very stressed. She said she was not coping well and needed help with the children. Cheryl is separated from her partner, the children's father, and is renovating the house to try to sell it after it was ruined by him.

The house is cold and damp, which affects the health of her two children. We provided food, support and curtains for the children's bedrooms to help keep the rooms warmer, replacing the bed sheets she was using instead. Cheryl says, 'The curtains you provided make the house feel more like a home. The children's rooms are warmer'. Friends ask her what she has done as the house feels so much better. Cheryl is feeling more hopeful and says, 'I feel more positive now, and the children are enrolled into preschool'.

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