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Youth Development

Investing in the next generation

The Salvation Army is looking to change the narrative and foster engagement to bring the village (community) together to support our youth. We are exploring new ways to connect and support the youth in our community as this is key to many long-term outcomes that can seriously affect our society.

New initiatives, like the community-based Pasifika Thrive programme in Porirua, look to address stigma around mental health and provide a platform for youth to talk about real issues in the world that they navigate.

The Salvation Army in Porirua continues to support Pasifika young people and families through in-school mentoring, one-on-one mentoring and community engagement events. The focus is the holistic wellbeing of Pasifika. Our cultural strength-based approach provides a safe space for young people to explore, express and bring mana back to their identity as Pasifika.

This and other initiatives look to expand the engagement and number of services available to young people. By engaging with wraparound services such as counselling and ongoing mentorship, young people can speak up about real issues—including the impact of Covid-19, mental health and suicide—and not be ashamed.

Existing programmes like Aspire continue to bring results for young people and their families. The 'Circle of Courage' is designed to increase positive participation, get them involved in community projects and set goals in a fun, supportive environment for their personal development. Investing in our young people benefits us all, so your part in this will help the next generation succeed.

A statistical snapshot of our support in Youth Development in 2021:

  • 240 young people participated in our year-long aspire kiwi youth development programme.
  • 1,000 young people benefitted from courses at our Blue Mountain Adventure Centre.
  • 429 helped through counselling services.


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