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Regular Donations

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“Becoming a Salvation Army True Hero is a practical way of showing that we care every day.”

Every week over 300 new families contact us for help.

For Kiwis who feel they have nowhere else to turn, The Salvation Army brings hope.  People who are treading water, working hard and getting nowhere, falling between the cracks.

That’s why we need you.  Please join us and become one of the everyday people helping others every day.

When you become a Salvation Army True Hero…

You join an exclusive group of Kiwis who are reaching out to people on the edge.

Over the course of a year, your monthly donation gives real, life-changing help to people in crisis.  For Example, for $30 a month ($1.20 a day) you can help provide:

  • Accommodation for families that fall on tough times.
  • Family Food Parcels to help a family with basic foods and cleaning products
  • Parenting Skills sessions to provide strategies to help raise children
  • Budgeting sessions for a family in debit for future planning.

Help us provide the hope, compassion and immediate practical care that people need to move forward. Sign up today to be a True Hero for someone who needs you.

Your ongoing gift can either be debited from your chosen credit card or directly from your bank account, so it really couldn’t be easier to help Kiwis in need.  

If you have any questions at all regarding the set-up of an ongoing gift, or would prefer to have a sign up brochure posted out to you then please contact us on (04) 382 0765 or email Public Relations

Click here to view the direct debit terms and conditions (PDF, 283KB)