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Countdown customers bring hope to life

Posted February 20, 2017

New Zealanders donated 674 trolleys full of food for the Countdown Christmas Food Rescue Appeal. Countdown stores kick-started the appeal by each donating a wrapped trolley worth $500, more than $90,000 nationally.

Customers then donated a further 491 trolleys full of groceries to provide a special Christmas meal for those in need. $16,000 was also donated through checkouts and online.

Countdown Takapuna had the most generous customers in the country, collecting 12 trolleys full of donated groceries, followed by Countdown Stoke, where customers donated 10 trolleys of goods.

The Salvation Army helped about 17,000 families and individuals in urgent need at Christmas last year and Salvation Army head of social services Major Pam Waugh says the donations collected through Countdown’s annual appeal really made a difference to people’s lives.

‘We’re always hugely encouraged by the generosity of New Zealanders shown through this appeal. New Zealand is a caring country and we’re so grateful that New Zealanders continue to care and put in this effort to bring joy to those who are struggling at Christmas,’ she says.

James Walker, Countdown’s General Manager Corporate Affairs, says the Christmas Food Rescue Appeal is a way for Countdown supermarkets to help people in their local communities who are doing it tough.

‘Every person should be able to celebrate Christmas.  Our Countdown stores are a big part of local communities around the country and we were proud to play a role in making Christmas a reality for many families,’ he says.