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FNZ celebrate 5 year partnership with The Salvation Army

Fonterra Environmental Manager Nic Bishop celebrates the five year partnership award with The Salvation Army's Shane Chisholm and Fonterra Brands New Zealand Managing Director Leon Clement
Posted April 14, 2016

This year marks the fifth anniversary of Fonterra Brands New Zealand supporting The Salvation Army through donations of dairy products for its foodbanks and helping with Christmas foodbank drives.

To mark the occasion Salvation Army representatives, Shane Chisholm and Camille Astbury, visited Fonterra Brands New Zealand manufacturing site in Takanini and presented the team with a ‘Valued Partner’ trophy to recognise the five year partnership.

“The ‘Valued Partner’ trophy is one of only eight that have been ever been presented and we’re delighted to have given one to Fonterra. The Salvation Army greatly values the on-going relationship with the business,” said Shane.

“The donation of dairy products that can then be included in food parcels is extremely appreciated both by The Salvation Army and the thousands of Kiwi families who receive this support each year – without the support of partners like Fonterra we would really struggle to deliver the services that we do.”

Fonterra Brands New Zealand social responsibility lead Hannah Sherratt said that “sometimes we will have product that is perfectly fine but because it is close to the best before date our retail customers don’t want it. Rather than see it go to waste we drop it off to The Salvation Army foodbanks and it goes to families in need.”

“Our UHT milk products are always popular and so too are yoghurts and cheese that can go in school lunch boxes.

“We’ve even been able to donate compost, produced at our ‘Recycle Lab’, to the community gardens where The Salvation Army grows vegetables for including in their food parcels.

“It’s great being part of charity who makes a real differences to families in our local communities and being able to support them in so many different ways. It means a lot to everyone that works in Fonterra Brands New Zealand. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with The Salvation Army.”

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