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Help sought from Salvation Army history buffs

Posted July 29, 2015

Retired Salvation Army officer Lieut-Colonel Bill Allott has been working on a historical research project of Army activities since The Salvation Army started in New Zealand in 1883. He is now inviting wider input to help fact check his work.

The areas covered in three separate timelines are:

  • Salvation Army NZ History 1883 to 1983
  • Salvation Army NZ Social Service Centres 1883 to 1983
  • Salvation Army Locations 1883 to 2015

‘I’ve done my best to make these timelines as accurate as possible, but the history of our work in some locations is complex, so errors may have crept in,’ Bill said.

‘It would be helpful if the wider Salvation Army community—especially history buffs—would check dates and activities. It would also be helpful if people could identify any spelling errors of place names and people’s names.’

Please take into account that some dates may refer to activity commencing, while others could record official openings.

Bill is grateful for the assistance of Salvation Army corps (churches) and social services centres around New Zealand in helping develop these timelines, which will be a useful addition to material available through The Salvation Army Heritage Centre and Archive.

The aim of this project was to make accessible basic information that could be helpful for researchers, church and social historians, teachers, students and Salvationists.  It is hoped that at some time someone with access to information will be able to extend the timelines beyond 1983.