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Simon Barnett on dancing with the stars
Posted June 23, 2015

Simon Barnett has won over audiences on Dancing with the Stars, but we especially love him because he has chosen to support The Salvation Army. We’re blatant fans of Si, and here’s why:

Simon Barnett is currently best known for his long-standing More FM radio show with co-host Gary McCormack. The duo standout for their positive, uplifting and laugh-out-loud sense of humour. Simon has become known as radio’s nice guy, going out of his way to be encouraging to guests on the show.

His motivation is simple: ‘I feel like my calling is as a broadcaster, and I take the responsibility to be an ambassador for Christ seriously,’ says Simon, who is open about his Christian faith. ‘I pray that I will be loving. I hope people feel they can trust me.’

Most recently, Si has been heel-toeing his way around the dancefloor on New Zealand’s most glittertastic hour of telly, Dancing with the Stars. Simon has gone from flop in the first week, to fabulous—a fave with both judges and the New Zealand public.

Proceeds from votes for Simon go to The Salvation Army. Si says he chose the Sallies because ‘they do such an incredible amount of work and have a real compassion for those that are hurting in the community.’

‘The only difference between Christians and others is that we know the Father’s love and they don’t. His love for them is equal to his love for us,’ continues Simon.

As for donning those dancing shoes, Simon told The Salvation Army’s ‘War Cry’ magazine that he ‘has never been so nervous about anything’ his whole life. ‘I’m the guy at the party standing around not dancing. My wife has said to me that we should do some dancing for about 10 years and I’ve always been too busy or nervous.’ The rhythm has finally got Simon, so vote for him and support The Salvation Army!