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Symbol cards are a great way to encourage conversation, openness and vulnerability in a small group setting. Using imagery as a conversation starter encourages people to open up and push past the surface-level much quicker and easier.

Symbol cards are a great tool to add to your ministry kete - whether it's small groups, youth ministry or kids church! This symbol cards first edition pack contains 50 cards.


How to use:

> Start by asking your group a question. (i.e. How is your week going? What does Jesus mean to you? How is your faith journey going?)

A series of twelve studies developed by The Salvation Army's International Social Justice Commission, looking at social justice through the life of Jesus.

Designed for both personal and group study.

A series of resources for understanding our seven Salvation Army values - who are we and what is the culture we want to see.

The team devotions are designed for use with staff - for example, you might focus on a 'value of the month'.

The sermon series and small group studies are designed for use in a church setting.

A training course or manual for leading effective small groups - in particular, Home/Life Groups. Includes an overview of small groups, facilitation skills, how to build authentic relationships, how to start a group and suggested resources.

Seven sermons and seven separate small group studies for understanding dynamic discipleship - based around loving God and loving others.

Note: to obtain a copy of The Lads song 'Cross With a Pillow' for use with these resources. Please email