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Confident and on the Right Track

Anne-Maree is a single mother of four. She was offered a spot in our residential parenting programme, Changing Places, to support her as her children were transitioning back into her care.

Previously, she hadn’t been putting herself or her children first and she wasn’t creating boundaries to ensure her, or her children’s, safety. ‘I was making some really bad choices,’ she says. Kercheval, Community Ministries manager, says ‘when Anne-Maree first came in she was anxious and had very little confidence, but she was willing to do her absolute best to keep her children in her care.’

The Changing Places programme puts parents and children into safe, comfortable and healthy homes while offering a range of services that support and strengthen the family. Services are part of our wraparound care: Financial Mentoring, parenting courses and coaching, Positive Lifestyle Programme, and Bridge programme for help with alcohol issues. Anne-Maree says, ‘anything they offered me, I said yes to’. She was determined to get her and her children’s lives on the right track.

Anne-Maree says, ‘it was amazing to feel that someone cared, it was very overwhelming because I had only ever felt that kind of love from my grandmother’.

Our parenting courses have been life-changing for Anne-Maree. She says, ‘the whole programme was absolutely amazing, I actually loved it there’. She learnt to be assertive, set boundaries and put in place good routines for her family. Now, instead of getting angry, she communicates calmly and is patient with her children.

Anne-Maree says, ‘my children know that I am just focused on them and our little family, that I am there to listen and to help with anything’. Now, her children are always happy, and they come to her for love and support. ‘I can see their personalities coming out and they have so much confidence to be adventurous and try new things.’

Anne-Maree says, ‘I am a single mother, and with The Salvation Army’s support I feel strong, I feel free, and I now feel confident that I am a good mother’.

Kercheval says, ‘throughout the period that she stayed with us, we saw a growth in confidence, in decision-making and in putting her children first. We are so proud of Anne-Maree’s journey.

‘The biggest success for us, was that Anne-Maree left Changing Places with her children still in her care, and not just that, her son was also brought back into her  care as well.’ 

‘The transformation that I’ve made is pretty huge I think, I’m proud of myself, of my children, and I really think that most of it was myself wanting to do it,’ says Anne-Maree, ‘but to have the backing of The Salvation Army, the way that I did, I can’t ever thank them enough for what they have done for us’.

‘... with The Salvation Army’s support I feel strong, I feel free, and I now feel confident that I am a good mother’.

‘It’s definitely life-changing, it makes me speechless and I’m not usually speechless, they do God’s work, and they do it so well.’

Anne-Maree and her children are now living independently in the community and are doing amazingly. ‘It’s so beautiful out there, I didn’t know how beautiful it was until I came to The Salvation Army,’ she says. Anne-Maree continues to stay connected with The Salvation Army through church, and she has even volunteered at the local foodbank.

She says, ‘I know that The Salvation Army are there whenever I need help, if I am feeling down, or if I just need a positive direction. Even when I’m a bit lonely, I just go there and say hello and it’s an automatic  “fill-your-love-tank” up.

‘If The Salvation Army could help more people like me, the world would be a beautiful place, but they need help to help more people.’

You can help more people like Anne-Maree turn their lives around. By donating you can be part of solutions that help families and make positive parenting possible. You give opportunities for life-changing programmes to be available for people like Anne-Marie who want the world to be a better, more beautiful place.