Corporate Donation Gives the Gift of Dignity | The Salvation Army

Corporate Donation Gives the Gift of Dignity

Kimberly-Clark, one of our generous corporate supporters, recently gifted The Salvation Army’s Tongan region with four pallets of incontinence support products.

This provides a much needed reprieve for Tongan families struggling to access incontinence consumables. Even though these items are a necessity for many, they are not funded by the Tongan National Health system. Not only will this donation reduce the financial stress for many, it will also restore dignity to those affected with issues of incontinence, giving them their freedom and life back.

Captain Catherine Walker at Tonga’s Regional Headquarters says ‘this donation will enable us to support those in need of this kind of assistance due to disability, sickness or aging. We’re so grateful for this incredibly generous donation.’

We are able to support our overseas regions of Tonga, Samoa, and Fiji, because of the kindness of corporate donations like these.