A Decade of Difference | The Salvation Army

A Decade of Difference

A Decade of Difference gives Food For Thought… 

Thank you to Countdown and tens of thousands of Generous Kiwis

2022 marks an important milestone a 10 year partnership between The Salvation Army and Countdown.

This year is no exception, with Countdown getting behind the Winter Appeal with a $100,000 donation.

Commissioner Mark Campbell, The Salvation Army's Territorial Commander, says 'That this support continues to be instrumental in our aspiration to create food secure communities.'

'The COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately exacerbated many social inequalities including food insecurity. With inflation also at a more than 30-year high, we’re seeing more and more Kiwis struggle to make ends meet. The food and funds donated through the Winter Appeal will provide critical support to those who need it most.'

We would like to thank all of our supporters who have also given their support to The Foodbank Project made possible through Countdown. Without your participation this achievement would not have been possible.