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A Double 'Thank You'

‘Thank you for all you do for new mums’ - (From a mum who joined our SPACE programme)

‘Thank you for your donations which make The Salvation Army SPACE programme possible.’ - (Elaine Thompson, SPACE facilitator)

There’s great power in working together, starting with the partnership that you give to us in helping to transform lives.

Over the past four years, we have been working with SPACE (Supporting Parents Alongside Children’s Education) to provide a parent and child education programme for first-time caregivers and their babies.

Becoming a new parent can be both joyful and frightening. Suddenly you’re responsible for this beautiful new life, and you feel totally unprepared and alone—especially when difficulties arise. And then there’s the post birth hormonal rollercoaster and the emotions!

 Sue Henshaw, the territorial leader for The Salvation Army’s ‘Keeping Children Safe’ team, shares

‘People will be surprised by how many parents out there are feeling lost, isolated, unsure and anxious. This is especially so when parents are facing other stresses in addition to a new baby.’

SPACE provides a safe environment with no judgment, where caregivers and babies get together once a week with the freedom to be themselves and talk about anything and everything that’s happening to them.

The SPACE programme fits perfectly into our wraparound services. And for those new parents joining the programme, the support from a shared community is hugely beneficial.

Elaine, our Queenstown SPACE facilitator talks about examples like Ruth.

Ruth is working alongside Elaine, shares her personal experience about being a new mother.

‘I help new mothers in our SPACE programme through sharing my story of postnatal depression.’ ‘I’ve seen others transform with each telling of Ruth’s story, growing and holding themselves higher.’ says Elaine.

Talk to any of the SPACE parents, and these are some of the heartfelt responses you’ll hear:

‘SPACE was exactly what I needed when I was having a tough time with a premature, colicky, refluxy baby. I struggled to leave the house, but at SPACE I found the most welcoming, caring family I could ever have wished for.’

‘Sharing with other women at SPACE, we talked, laughed and cried. At meetings and outings we’ve made friends for life.’

‘I’m so grateful for being able to share tips and ideas on parenting and child development. Also to learn about products, resources and activities to help us navigate being first time parents.’

The other benefit of SPACE is helping new parents and caregivers be informed about the first crucial 1000 days in the development of their babies’ lives.

For anyone who has the future of New Zealand at heart, our recent 1000 Days Appeal shows the Army’s commitment to supporting the next generation.

You have the opportunity to contribute to securing that future by donating to this newsletter appeal.

By giving our future citizens the best start now, there’s less to unpick in the future. It just makes so much sense. Use the button below for a quick link to donate now.