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Greg's Giving Back

Greg, 67 and semi-retired, spends time traveling with his wife in their beautiful, retro bus motorhome.

Looking at Greg now, you would never guess that he once didn’t have enough money for food.

‘About 50 years ago, I was in Dunedin, I was pretty down and out, no food in the cupboards or anything. It was suggested I go to The Salvation Army, and they gave me a food voucher. I later managed to get a job and things worked out from there. Over the years I have never forgotten The Salvation Army for their kindness and generosity.’

Greg has now, far beyond, repaid The Salvation Army for the food voucher they gave him all those years ago.

‘As I got older, and more financially able, I started giving back to The Salvation Army with one off donations a few times a year, then, about a year ago, I decided to join the True Heroes regular giving programme.’

Funds brought in, including those from the True Heroes programme, go towards wraparound services; transitional housing, life counselling and social work, financial mentoring, and food support.

Greg is proud of the services his regular donations help fund, ‘I think the wraparound services are very good, they are targeted in the right areas, where people really need them, children, families, they cover the whole spectrum really.’

‘One of the things that I’m always in admiration of The Salvation Army for, is that they don’t seem to be particularly top heavy, It seems most of the money given goes to the people who need it most.’

He says, ‘The Salvation Army needs all the money they can get, especially now with what’s going on in the world, the situation is so dire. My wife and I would do anything to help, we are financially able to, so we are more than happy to help out.’

Regular giving puts compassion and empathy into action. True Heroes programme advisor Gabrielle says,

‘Our supporters often tell me, they love what we do, but they can’t physically do it themselves, so regular giving allows them to be part of the solution.’

Because there is a need at all times, frontline workers are secure in the knowledge that there are people who have committed to regular giving and so funds are consistently there to help people whenever they may walk through the door.

It seems we are in for a tough year ahead; inflation and increased living costs are hitting all income levels of society, and we are continuing to see an increase in demand for our services.

Gabrielle says, ‘There really is a fine line between needing and supporting our services, sudden changes can happen to any one of us, and a helping hand can make all the difference.’

Gabrielle warmly invites you to make a real difference by joining the True Heroes programme, ‘Inequity is a real problem in New Zealand, and the difference we see being made in the lives of vulnerable people, is because of amazing, compassionate people like you.’