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Aspire Youth - Connecting the Dots

For at-risk rangatahi (young people), the Aspire programme can make a huge difference in creating positive connections and giving hope for the future.

Aspire is a 10 month programme for 11–16-year-olds that includes weekly group work, adventure experiences and family support. There is a strong emphasis on self-reflection and recognition.

The programme is targeted at youth who may be experiencing social isolation or the effects of relationship breakdown or poverty. The programme is especially for youth who may be experiencing behavioural challenges.

Aspire is made possible by the generosity of The Warehouse Group, who have now provided over $1 million to support the programme since its inception.

Isabel, one of our Youth and Community Engagement Coordinators, speaks of the changes that she has noticed in the youth she works with thanks to the Aspire programme:

'I have seen rangatahi re-engage and stay with mainstream education where they were on the verge of dropping out. I have seen rangatahi make positive decisions regarding their friendships and relationships. I have seen rangatahi push their comfort zones, set goals and smash them. I have seen rangatahi who are the first in their families to finish college, to go to university and to maintain a job while studying.'

To show you the true impact that your donations have on the vulnerable young people in our communities, see the responses below from when Aspire youth were asked the question ‘what is Aspire?’

‘Aspire is connecting with people and korero [talking]’

‘Aspire is a circle of courage’

‘Aspire is connecting the dots’

‘Aspire is feeling heard’

‘Aspire is time to reflect present-self back to future-self’

‘Aspire is becoming better, becoming stronger and discovering I am more than I thought I could be’

‘Aspire is feeling like a superhero’

‘Aspire is a compass pointing me home’

Our sincerest thanks to The Warehouse Group and supporters like you for making the Aspire programme possible and available to help young people find a new direction in life.