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Making Change Through Regular Giving

Guy Wilson wants to make his money count by contributing toward positive change in people’s lives.

A merchant banker with three children under five makes for a busy life, so Guy is extra careful and intentional with his money. Thirty three-year-old Guy is especially supportive of The Salvation Army’s budgeting work.

‘I have a good understanding of finance because of my work, and I see money as one of the main reasons people get into a pickle. Budgeting help and financial education is really important in the lives of people struggling to get ahead, and contributes really positively to long term meaningful change.’ 

Guy and his wife Katherine first began donating to The Salvation Army in 2016. A few years later he stepped up and joined the True Heroes regular giving programme which funds vital wraparound services, as well as enabling The Salvation Army to ensure resources are available to all who need them.

‘Regular giving is probably more important than just a one-off donation because it forces you to think about your money and how you are going to use it to make a difference. Regular giving also benefits you as well as the people you are supporting because it forces you to be sensible and plan,’ Guy explains. 

Growing up Guy was influenced by the work he saw his grandparents do through their involvement with  The Salvation Army. That impression left a lasting impact. 

‘The Salvation Army is a charity that I implicitly trust, and I have confidence that my money is going to the right places. I believe it is always good to give to others from what you have—even if you are young and not making lots of money, because you never know when life might change suddenly, and you are the one needing assistance. If I ever find myself in that position, I know The Salvation Army is the kind of charity that could help me make real change amidst challenge,’ says Guy. 

Supporter Relations Coordinator for The Salvation Army’s True Hero regular giving programme Gabrielle Martell-Turner is thrilled to have Guy as a regular giver. ‘We help New Zealanders from all age groups, so we’d love to ensure that our supporters are representative of all demographics as well. Fresh, new energy into the programme is always welcome!’

Would you like to become a True Hero like Guy? Visit our website or contact Gabrielle on 021 352 742, or email