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Part of the Solution

Matt Turner grew up in England, where his father was a private school headmaster, and the family often lived in school houses in beautiful settings. One was even on the grounds of a former stately home!

On retiring from schoolmastering, his father was ordained in the Anglican Church, and served as curate of three picturesque Cotswold village churches. An ideal upbringing in many circumstances.

Matt now lives in Masterton with his wife, the youngest of his three children, two aging cats and a very energetic two-year-old Huntaway.

Over the 18 years that Matt has lived in New Zealand, he has seen the other side of family life, and even in his own extended family he has seen how a change in circumstances can so easily tip people from secure to vulnerable in a short space of time.

Matt joined the True Heroes programme two years ago. As a volunteer for the community arts programme in Masterton, a busy dad, an artist and a book editor, he’s short on time. ‘Starting up a set-and-forget plan with the Sallies means that I can support the amazing work that they do, even if I can’t help directly myself.’

Like many of us, Matt remembers The Salvation Army mostly from the bands that he would see each Christmas, and he has been amazed to find out more about their work in the informative newsletters that he receives twice a year.

‘I love receiving the newsletters. I rang early on when I signed up, and was told that The Salvation Army can keep costs very low, and most of the donations received go exactly where they are needed. This is really reassuring. I get to keep in touch with the different projects around the country, and meet the people that I am helping.’

The True Heroes programme funds the vital wraparound services that provide a holistic solution to those who find themselves in vulnerable circumstances. A recurring plan, which acts very much like a magazine subscription, means that Matt can budget for his own family, as he can donate an affordable amount each month and he knows that the costs of a recurring giving plan are minimal.

True Heroes programme advisor Gabrielle says, ‘It’s great having people like Matt on board. As a busy working dad, this type of giving is so easy for him to manage.

‘Best looks different, depending on your circumstances,’ says Matt, ‘and as a parent I wish all children could have an ideal environment to grow up in. You just never know when you might need extra support. I’d encourage everyone to set up a plan; it feels great to be part of the solution.’

To become a True Hero like Matt, contact Gabrielle on 021 352 742 or email