The Small Things are Big Too | The Salvation Army

The Small Things are Big Too

Its not only the big things, the small things can be big too.

If this statement sounds contradictory, let Vasi* explain it as coming from her own experience:

I came through the door of The Salvation Army looking for peace from the stresses of my life. I was on benefits with my two children and my partner struggled deeply with his mental health which had a huge destructive toll on our family.

But the worst day was when he took his own life. That day I came through that door deeply sad and not knowing how to go on. It was just before Christmas, and in the middle of the crowd packing parcels, I just started to cry. I desperately needed some hugs, love and care.

For three hours they supported me in every way until I felt calm and able to go on.

Each person’s presence was a small part of the big whole. There was thoughtfulness like knowing I didn’t have credit on my phone, and giving me a phone gift card when I needed it most to deal with what has to be done after a death. Giving me some food to take home to my kids on that day, and so much support over the following days.

These may all seem like small things, but for me they were huge.

Out of gratitude I volunteered to come in and do anything at all that would be helpful – cleaning, sorting, parcels, anything. Just being there made me feel calm and safe, and I started believing that there was hope for the future.

One of the counsellors would even spend her tea break with me so that I could talk and she would listen. Another small thing, but it was big for me.

As time went on I was able to get work in the health sector. I started off as a casual; then I got a contract or two; and now I’m a permanent employee. It was with the Sallies’ encouragement that I took those small steps to something bigger.

My life has been changed by The Salvation Army community of support which is still there for me. Always, they find time to talk to me and end off by saying, “If there’s anything you need, Vasi, let us know.”

And it’s not only all those at the centre, but every kind person who supports their work with donations that makes this possible.

I know it was somebody’s generosity which helped me on the day when I was alone. That person didn’t know me, my name or my address, or what I was going through, but they cared enough to help me from a distance.

I’d say to anyone considering supporting the Sallies with a gift, please give that gift; you can save someone’s future, even someone’s life. Somebody is suffering out there.

Having been there, I know. And I thank you for your kindness – personally, and from my heart. The big things that you make happen are important, but the small things are also big and important too.

*Name changed to protect privacy