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Teddy's Settling In

Our country’s children are our future, and that’s why early childhood care and education is so vital in the formation of our future citizens.

This can go fairly smoothly in many instances. But for children and their families with cultural and language differences, the early learning journey is more complicated.

They need that extra bit of understanding and help that your donations make possible.

An example of positive change for the whole whānau comes in a story from a parent whose son Teddy* was helped immensely by attending a Salvation Army run Early Childhood Education Centre (ECEC):

‘Moving to a new area brings with it changes and some difficulties.

This happened to us last year, and one of the biggest difficulties was with our two-year-old son, Teddy, and finding the right care centre for him.

Several centres didn’t work out, which damaged his wellbeing. He was really struggling, and so were we as a family.

Then we found The Salvation Army Centre!

Part of Teddy’s difficulties was a language barrier. We’re a Pasifika family and English isn’t Teddy’s home language. But a staff member at the centre was quick to learn some phrases to ease Teddy into his new environment.

With language making him feel safe and secure, Teddy was thriving within a week—running, jumping, climbing, riding bikes and making friends. His own communication also improved.

I am so grateful to the staff of the centre for making us feel so welcome and helping Teddy settle in. I cannot wait to see him make heaps more memories with all the centre staff and other children.

Teddy absolutely loves being at the centre. I can tell this because every morning when we drive in to drop him off, he already has a big smile on his face.

But it’s not just Teddy. As a family we’ve had amazing support. I also say, “thank you” for that.’

—Teddy’s mum

As the ‘hands’ using your donations to fund our many community services, we also thank you. These services simply couldn’t happen without your caring and visionary generosity.

The very real impact of your kindness in Teddy’s life comes from one of our ECEC staff:

‘Teddy has made progress in leaps and bounds. He’s developing a consistent routine, social skills, language and communication, and even some positive dietary changes.’

Teddy’s mum thanks you, and so do we.

*Name changed to protect his privacy