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Trans-Tasman Partnerships Making a Difference

One large company who operates in both Australia and New Zealand supports The Salvation Army in a unique way that benefits both their communities and their customers.

Royal Wolf is Australasia’s largest container rental business and it operates on both sides of the Tasman. It is also a company that chooses to give back to the communities it works in. The chief executive says the company is aware that to build a business requires both commitment and empathy. And that’s why they’ve chosen to make regular donations to The Salvation Army in a meaningful and unique way.

When each job is completed, Royal Wolf gives its customers a satisfaction survey. Then, for any feedback received, it donates $50 to The Salvation Army on that customer’s behalf. The customer receives a letter and information about the donation. Royal Wolf CEO Neil Littlewood says this does two things. It allows its customers to know their individual feedback has been taken on board and also that they are working together to help the less fortunate.

Neil Littlewood says The Salvation Army does the good work that’s important to their business. ‘We see a strong alignment in values with The Salvation Army.’

He says given the vast array of services offered by The Salvation Army, he wanted the donations directed to homeless youth. He says every young person has untapped potential and homelessness is a big hurdle in reaching that potential. Royal Wolf hopes its support, through The Salvation Army, will make a difference.

‘We are believers that great things can be generated from commitment, small steps and belief. Donating funds to a trusted entity to facilitate opportunities for others is the right thing to do.’

It takes funding from both business and individuals to help our youth programmes support young people.

The company says it is grateful to The Salvation Army for the great services it provides to the community. Neil Littlewood adds ‘Royal Wolf believes it is important to give back to the community and drive awareness of social issues as part of our corporate social responsibility’.

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